Top 5 ways to get your baby to sleep

1.Create a routine and stick to it.

During The early stages of a child’s life most of us are training our children how to fall asleep, although sometimes unknowingly. Create a bedtime routine to signal to your baby the difference between daytime and night time. Sticking to this routine is very important so ensure it’s something practical long term. Although your baby falling asleep on you is rather cute, it’s not a sustainable routine. A simple 10 minute sequence repeated everyday before bedtime will be enough to teach your baby when it’s time to go to sleep.

Baby Sleeping

2. Avoid Overstimulation.

Our daily activities impact sleep, so even small things like a new visitor or a quick trip to the shop before nap or bed time can easily overstimulate your baby. By limiting the amount of naps during the day and winding down the entire family before bedtime can increase the chances of a better nights sleep.

3. Swaddling.

New-borns especially can feel more secure when swaddled. Either with a light sheet, blanket or using an off the shelf product, a lot of mothers swear by it and say it works wonders for their baby.

4. Feeding routine.

Try get in a habit of feeding your baby in wake up rather that put down. Follow a wake, eat, play sleep routine. This will mean you won’t have to work on breaking a feeding to sleep association. Feed your baby on wake up this will allow you to put your baby down when they’re calm.

Baby Sleeping

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

While it may be tempting to listen to what others suggest is the best way to put your baby to sleep or how long they should sleep. Understand that the bond between you and your baby is like no other, trust your own instincts. Do what works for you and your family and do not get disheartened if other parents babies sleep seems better than yours. Keep going, you’ve got this...