Top 5 tips for home-schooling during lockdown

1. Create a learning space

Home-schooling can be fun, exciting and sometimes messy! Learning and living in the same space can quickly lead to chaos and disorganisation (not a great environment for learning). To avoid confusion, keep your child’s supplies and books organised and choose a specific learning space. Once schoolwork is over, return their learning materials to their original space in the house.

2. Take learning beyond the classroom

One of the many advantages of home-schooling is the flexibility it brings, the huge benefits that can come from learning outside the traditional classroom setting. Look for learning opportunities beyond the text books. Practice baking, cooking and simple budgeting. Write emails to friends, family or other home schoolers. Exploring new skills and playing are important ways we learn and grow.

3. Make it a family activity

Share your excitement for learning with your child. Try to look for a subject or activity that everyone in the family can enjoy. You could explore new hobbies, read together, arts and crafts or even a family walk. There are countless ways to involve the family such as practicing home economics skills by planning and cooking a meal together. Get creative and involve the family for a memorable and fun experience!


4. Follow a schedule 

Home-schooling allows you to bring a level of spontaneity to your Children’s education. However without an easy to follow structure, it’s easy to become distracted and go off track. Children thrive with structure and routine. Try to create and follow a daily schedule, this will give you a focus and direction each day. Set goals and targets which can easily be incentivised.


5. Make it fun!

Learning and fun go hand in hand. Not only is having fun conducive to our brains retaining knowledge, it’s also a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your child!